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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

In the scope of wedding photo services, my offer is as follows:

  • Photo-report on the wedding day: preparations, the ceremony, the reception
  • Short session on the wedding day
  • Studio photos of the gests during the wedding
  • Outdoor session on a day other than the wedding day
  • Outdoor session at any location on a day other than the wedding day
  • Fiancée session
  • Author’s postproduction
  • Internet photo gallery, secured by a password
  • Photos on a pendrive
  • Classic photo album
  • Photobook or photo-album, also in a Complete version
  • Photo prints, also in elegant packaging (Folio box)
  • Large size prints; including canvas photos

Check out the 7 reasons

Why is it worthwhile to work with me


My photos are timeless, natural and full of emotions. Newlyweds describe them as superb, fabulous, vibrant with colours. And this is what counts most. This means that your wedding photos will be your joy just after the wedding, as well as 10 or 20 years afterwards.


You will not spend a fortune on the pictures. I am ready to compromise and if your budget is somewhat smaller, the price for your wedding photos may be negotiated.


This is something you cannot underestimate. Since I have been photographing weddings for over 15 years, I doubt that there is yet anything that could surprise me. So you can be sure that I will always be in the right place on the right time.


I am fully professional. Taking pictures is my everyday job. That means that my abilities are of the highest quality, as is my equipment, including the spare one. I’m punctual, reliable, dressed up according to the occasion, discreet; in other words – you can count on me.


You don’t have to wait half a year for your pictures. As I am a professional photographer and all my professional life is photography itself, I get down to graphic processing of the photos as soon as I have taken them. You can get your wedding photos no later than 3 weeks after they were taken, and often even in a week’s time.

Individual approach

You can be sure to get individual treatment from me. If you would like to have a photo session at the seaside, we go to the seaside. If you prefer the mountains, suit yourselves. I am open to your suggestions, and if you feel uncertain or lack any ideas, then I’ll use my experience and we’ll work out the schedule together.


Unlike some of my colleagues, I am of the opinion that you are the most important persons during your wedding. Therefore, you can be sure that I work as discretely as possible, I am virtually invisible during your big day. I may suggest some solutions during outside sessions, but I will not push my ideas over you.

Opinions of some of my clients

Agnieszka and Adam

Jacek, we would like to say that you are a photographic magician. Thank you very much for the pictures, for the awesome session and for preserving our memories.

Beata and Daniel

A fantastic photographer, what is evident in his splendid pictures. The pictures you’ve taken (both during our wedding and the session) are a beautiful memo, for which we thank you once again. We are more than happy to recommend you to any newlyweds, who will be lucky to get into the hands of such a specialist!

Iwona and Grzesiek

It is not easy to choose a photographer for a day which changes all your life so far. We were lucky to have our most beautiful moments commemorated by Jacek. He is thoroughly professional, discreet, he allows the newlyweds to enjoy themselves without stressing them. He is not pushy, he doesn’t impose himself, but at the same time he gives some hints so that the pictures would come out all right. Jacek is available and flexible: you can arrange an outdoor session any time after the wedding in any place of your choosing. Our wedding photo album impresses everybody thanks to its professional look and most of all due to our happiness caught in every picture taken by Jacek. That’s why we recommend Jacek to all our friends.

Agnieszka and Marek

Jacek, what we appreciated most during the work with you was your composure and expertise which gave us a sense of security and the awareness that there was someone who was in control over everything. We didn’t have to “have an eye” on the photographer because the photographer was the one who “had an eye” on us, giving advices and helping us through. We appreciate your reliability, honesty and punctuality throughout the services. What you said was always so. There was no place for misunderstanding. My personal impression was that you worked quickly and invisibly (in a positive sense of the word). We used to participate in several wedding ceremonies where it was hard to take one’s eyes off the photographers who were virtually running up and down the aisles in the church. What we like in your pictures is the high quality, excellent composition, focus (from the technical point of view), as well as the fact that you succeeded in capturing the most important moments of the ceremony in their appropriate sequence, and the deepest emotions that are evident in the pictures.

Ewa and Łukasz

Totally professional. Jacek was “invisible” both during the wedding and the reception, and then, surprise! surprise! it turned out that he had been so often so close. Therefore, we have got so many beautiful shots. The pictures were ready on time, as agreed. We recommend Jacek wholeheartedly.

Magda and Przemek

Jacek is a professional to the bone. Every time he is doing something he does it thoroughly and with his full attention on the job. It was he who commemorated the unique, beautiful moments of our wedding vows. We do recommend his services.

Beata and Bartek

We are more than happy that we hired Jacek. He was virtually invisible during the wedding ceremony and the reception, so that nobody felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. The final effect is stunning. The photos are so colourful that they look as alive. Each vital moment has been captured. And, besides, Jacek is such a nice fellow! Thank you once again!

Agata and Michał

Our photo session was very satisfying. We remember it warmly up till now because Jacek succeeded in creating a quite comforting atmosphere during his work and, therefore, we could leave the stress out and relax on such important a day. Jacek was there during our wedding, too, but his presence was discreet and he never disturbed us in any way. All the important moments were there on the pictures. And the pictures themselves are just incredible, although classically taken, without any “special effects”. We always recommend Jacek to our friends.

For Families

For Families

The offer for families includes:

  • Pregnancy sessions
  • Children sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Family event sessions (the baptism, the 1st Communion, etc.)
  • Family history folders
  • Prints, folders, photo-books, photo-folders, large size prints

General Offer

General Offer

In my studio, I take pictures for various types of official documents, such as:

  • Identity cards
  • Passports
  • Driving licences
  • School IDs
  • Diplomas
  • Visas

The Large Family Card

The Large Family Card

Anyone who has got a Large Family Card may benefit from a 30% discount on my services.

What is a Large Family Card? It is a system of discounts for families with three or more children, honoured both by public institutions, as well as private businesses. The Card can be applied for by each member of a large family and is granted by the relevant state administration body. The parents in such families get their card for life, while their children get the Card until they are 18 (or 25 if they’re still at school). The Card is free and is not income-dependant.

The 30% discount on my services applies to:

  • Fiancées, if they order their wedding photographs (if one of them is a Large Family Card holder),
  • Parents and their children, in the case of pregnancy, children, or family sessions,
  • Any holder of the Large Family Card, in the case of pictures for official documents.

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